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Robin happy in his new home!

04 December 2012
Robin happy in his new home! Robin has found his forever home at last, after being in care quite some time. As you can see he is very happy in his new home and he settled down as soon as he arrived. He had his new owner chasing him all over the house by the end of the first evening!! Robin likes to play hide and seek and sleeps on the pillow next to his new owner. He is very affectionate and likes to rub his owners face with his when they are in bed and he sometimes lies down beside them with his face against theirs! He's explored his new garden and the field beyond but doesn't stay outside for very long as he seems to like being with his new mum when she's at home. His owner is looking forward to the spring as she thinks he will make a good gardening companion. Another lovely story. Thanks to Robin's new owner for giving this boy and chance and letting him prove just how loving and affectionate could be.