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A bond never to be broken

21 June 2016
A bond never to be broken timid Angel (tabby) and Star (all black cat) have settled in with us and how adept they are at sensing our emotions and giving us both unconditional love. Angel is still very shy and timid but we heard her purr in contentment for the first time ever just last week (Phil found Star's purr "switch" just a few weeks before! Angel has needed nurturing (and Star to a degree!) as for the first week after we adopted them they hid inside the sofa for a whole seven days!. We just heard scampering noises at nights and they played with anything from a straw to a bit of ripped and rolled up paper! By the time we had got back downstairs the cats had disappeared but leaving "the evidence" behind. Slowly though week by week and month by month they have learned that this their safe home for life and by at least 10 weeks we felt they were ready for the outside world as they we very keen by the looks of things by then! They are fantastic company for me doing the day as I am disabled and rarely are able to manage leaving the house. Star always likes to "watch" and "learn" everything surrounding my care and as my fiancé Phil helps to assist as well as carers! When we are alone she is always watching out for me in her little ways and seems to help guide me through the day! Star also "helps" my fiancé Phil face his working day by sitting on my perch stool in the bathroom -looking cute to give her a smile or when making the toast in the kitchen. They are 2 unique little delights who show empathy when I am feeling poorly and love to bring cheer! I really hope that a couple similar to ourselves are not put off adopting a shy timid puss cat as the rewards of the cat gaining a human's trust again are huge and a bond never to be broken! Thank you so much for guiding us to the "canal cats" Mia and Megan now "Angel and Star" our little treasures.