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Queenie - From rags to riches!

22 March 2012
Queenie - From rags to riches! Queenie is an elderley tabby female who Cats Protection rescued a short while ago. She was found living in a garage. Although a kind member of the public had been feeding Queenie it wasn't any kind of lifestyle for a cat, especially a senior kitizen. At the time Queenie was reported to us as a stray, we sadly didn't have any free pens available. However, one of our branch fosterers had been contacted by another elderley lady looking for a feline for companionship and we thought we've just the cat!!! Here is Queenie now, pictured with her new owner living a very happy life. No more garage and cold nights for Queenie. Both Queenie and her new owner are on top of the world!! What a lovely story! Thanks to Queenie's new owner for sharing this picture with us all.